Inside Ostuni


Typical street of Ostuni

Typical street in Ostuni

The town of Ostuni (about 33,000 inhabitants) is situated on the last hill of southern Murgia. Its old town, is unmistakable, blindingly white in colour against the dark green olive trees that dominate the area. The houses painted strictly white earned fantastic descriptions, such as the White City or Queen of Olives.

Ostuni is a fascinating tangle of narrow, winding streets, a succession of short, small squares and alleys, a labyrinth of mystery and wonder, which lead finally to the top of the hill, where stands the Cathedral, a wonderful synthesis of elements of Romanesque, Gothic and Venetian, which dominates the plain of olive trees to the sea.

There are homes shops and restaurants, often dug into the rock, connected by arches and semi-arches which act as buttresses and support.


The vibrant streets of Ostuni are bustling with tourists from around Italy and abroad during the summer months, but in particular during the festival of St Oronzo at the end of August.

For me the best time to see the town is at night. A walk up the old town towards the Cattedrale, there will usually be some novel activity in the streets particularly in august, then loose yourself in the magic labyrinth which is Ostuni centro storico.

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