In Ostuni I found the most fantastic local wine sold by the litre, at about 1.10 euro per litre. It came about that I got talking to 2 local chaps in a field next to me. One of them asked me if I knew his shop. Lu Capuson i think it is called.

I followed him in his car to Ostuni town, because he was opening up after lunch. I think it was about 5pm. He had a small shop with 6 hugh containers of wine. Most of them were red and varying percentages of Negro Amaro, for the most part, and Malvasia Nera, grapes (80/20 mix). I started by tasting a few and I was given some snacks to taste with them. There some nice rose and white wines but my favourite was the red about 70 / 30, Negro Amaro/Malvasia Nera. At a whopping €3.30 for 3 litres that time, I was back for 10 very soon. Which of course cost €11, which is the amount for one bottle of identical Salice Salentino in Dublin.

Well I thought this year, I thought I’d lost an old friend, because his shop had closed down. Next day on the way home from the market, I heard him shout my name, he’d move to the other side of the road (via Nino Sanone) and called his shop Non Solo Vino. Of course over the years I found he was not the only shop selling in that fashion.

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