What is most striking about the Marina di Ostuni is not just the blue flag beaches and the quality and cleanliness of sea, but the variety of the beach types. From wide sandy beaches, sandy coves, to rocks to dive from, the coastline of Ostuni seems to have it all for the beach lover. The photos below are only a small example of the countless beaches a short drive from Ostuni. At some points there many small coves that it is possible to have your own private beach for the day.

Coastline of Ostuni

Lido Morrelli

This beach is fantastic, wide, soft white sand and gentle slope to sea depth. It is the beach between Bosco Verde and Pilone 2. If you go to the old tower at Pilone, it is to your left. It is less than a 10 minute drive from Ostuni Town. There is always plenty of space to plant your sunchairs an brolly even on a Sunday at peak season.

One of the Many Coves

There are countless coves like this one up and down the coast of Ostuni. They always remind me of a sea water swimming pool, sheltered and calm. Most of the time you can have your very own, all to yourself. You can also see your feet from being neck deep in water. Crystal clear!
Costa Merlata

Costa Merlata

Costa Merlata is like a large cove about 100 meters of soft sandy beach and clear calm water. There is a Hotel and some small shops just up from the beach, which are handy for afternoon refreshment. 7 minutes from Ostuni, it is the one we seem to go to most often.
Coastline of Ostuni


Villanova is a nice sandy beach about 300 meters long. Love the restaurant il Vigliero that sits on the water to one side. Exquisite sea food, a dream of a day to have lunch there, having been at the beach. Or at night even, outside watching swimmers taking a moonlight dip. 6 minutes from Ostuni.
Torre Pozzella

Torre Pozzella

Italian friends of our are big fans of Torre Pozzella. I suppose it is such an adventure with all manner of different coves and natural pools of sea. Thing is its hard to find someone if you say you’ll meet them there, because there are so many little beaches and coves to look in, but maybe that’s it’s charm.
Nearby Beach of Pilone

Nearby Beach of Pilone 1

Pilone 1 as it is called, is a sandy semi-circle beach about 200m wide. It is surrounded by pine trees that give it a very tropical look and feel. The trees offer many natural spots to lay out your towel and to take extra shade from the sun

The beach at Villanova

Fun with the waves at Pilone 2

Pilone 2 is a wide sandy beach, (about 400m). An ancient tower borders it and lido morrelli. It is especially good for younger children in that it takes a long time to get to their depth. A very nice beach but we found it difficult to park near on Sundays in high season, Lido Morrelli or Bosco Verde the next one down being the best option on Sundays in August


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