So I’ve been there 3 times since then late March, mid April and early May, I thought June was too far away so i am going back 22 May for a week. Non vedo l’ora!! Candina di seppetise stood out as a place i never ate before and i ate well. Sunday april 23 there were bands playing in the square, maybe that is what stopped me bringing my new guitar to Kidra in the hope of trying out the acoustics. The weather was spot on, I was on the beach at Villa Nova on Sunday May 7th eating my lunch and testing the sea with my feet. I was in swimming trunks for the day, it was about 26 degrees, but i held off on the swim, i’d have only done it to prove a point.
The last time I traveled to Ostuni was late October. The sun was out and the temperatures were in the mid twenties. I walked the hills and the woods, I even swam one day. It was nice. Eating out was exceptionally good as always. I ate a three course fish meal with a friend and wine, we spent less than 30 euro. San Pietro, in the centro storico of Ostuni. Antipasti, spaghetti cozze, and some white fish with thin oval chips. Mangia bene spendere poco – eat well spend little, what lovely little phrases you hear. Bought a smashing pair of wellington boots for walking the land, at the market on Saturday, 4 euro, top quality. Wore them with jeans and a t-shirt, on my walk across the land with Antonio, one of my near neighbours. I point out that I wore Jeans and a t-shirt, because the rest of the time i was mainly wearing trunks. Summer really does go from March to November here.

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