The big problem I used to find when making my own Limoncello was accessing the alcool puro, but since I asked friends that check a bag to bring me some home from Italy, I’ve being making it happily since. You can use vodlka, but you need to use very little water, just enough to disolve the sugar. Alcool puro can be bought in almost any supermarket in Italy, it is usually 95% and cost about €10 per litre.

My recipe for one 75cl bottle is:

Lemon skins from 4 lemons, nice and thin, no white on the back of them. Peel them with a potato peeler and don’t dig in too deep, so as to avoid the rind.

Steep the zest in a jar of alcool puro (pure alcohol) (95%), 250cl for 7 days. The alcohol pulls the flavoured oil from the skin and turns the alcohol lemony and yellowy. The skins should be like pale brittle shells..

Make a sugar syrup from 250cl of water and about the same amount of sugar, bring this to the boil and simmer for five minutes and allow to cool.

Strain the alcohol from lemon mix and rince the skins in 250cl of water into a bottle

Mix all 3 together and only do this when the sugar  syrup is cold

Chill in the frezzer for a while, until you can no longer wait to drink it..

It is fantastic as an after dinner drink, a digestivo as they call it.

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