Ostuni Mercato

Saturday Morning in Ostuni is a buzz down at the open air market. Hundreds of stalls open for business about 8am and close up about 1pm. There is always an abundance of locally produced fruit and vegtables, clothes, handbags, shoes, furniture, soft furnishings, ceramics and all manner of unusual things.

The market is held at the large open space at the edge of the town, south west of the centre.
If you are looking at it from Google maps go left from the football stadium along via Dottore Nino Sansone and you see what looks like some circular roads, not unlike a small race track, where there it is, Ostuni Market, open saturday mornings.

For those of us doing a bit of self catering, buying the fruit and vegtables that are in season from around the Ostuni area is the best way to taste fresh food the way it should be. There is an indescribable difference in terms of taste between sinking your teeth into a fresh locally produced peach, and what I’ve been used to at home. Not just that, but the prices are unbelievably inexpensive. I was buying a kilo of melanzane (Aubergines) and zucchini (courgettes) it was a euro.. (pronounced Air-row), and the kilo of oranges 67c etc, i had enough fruit and veg for the week, for € 10… and there were 5 of us.

There is a smaller market on a wednesday, it is mainly fruit and veg, at the back via Nino Sansone, there are some clothes and household nick-nacky stuff and it is not too busy. Another Market exists on a Friday morning near that modern church and the all weather soccer pitch, not the stadium, along by via Verona. It has less fruit and veg than the Wednesday one and more of what you’d find at the usual saturday market, however a fraction of the size.

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