Ostuni 2010

Wave of colour

Wave of colour

It’s that time of year again when the hunt for Trullos (Trulli), villas and apartments is in full swing. It can be difficult to find the perfect solution to suit individual needs, or more difficult still, the needs of all the family. I like to keep it simple: because the coast is so close and the variety and beauty of the beaches is so vast, I would rule out needing a pool. The restriction on choice and increase in price doesn’t warrant it. In fact there is a risk the children will be difficult to tear away from the house, and then you will loose precious time experiencing this heavenly place.

How close to the town should I be, within walking distance? The centre of Ostuni can be so wonderful at night that you don’t want to miss it and have to abstain from the wonderful local vino with your meal and then drive 2km into the country a little worse for ware. But during the day the the countryside can be so tranquil and dripping with ripe fruit. I’ve found a bearable compromise. The countryside about 1km outside the town, in the country but a very short drive. I make the sensible decision to finish the wine at the meal and then take an hour or so in Ostuni square and watch the street entertainers and eat one of the wonderful ice-creams from la Scala a the bottom of the steps at the fountain beneath the statue of Sant Oronzo, then I trundle down the road to a piece of paradise, where i can sleep under a dark sky and silent night.


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