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The thing about Ostuni is there are no shortage of good places to eat. Value for money is a guarantee. My latest favourite has to be Nautilus, if you like seafood, this place is the place you can’t miss, very modestly priced.
In terms of atmosphere the grotto type restaurants offer the best ambience, which is odd for eating in Italy in the summer, choosing to eat indoor rather than fuori.(outside).. It is usually a matter of taste as to which do the best dishes or cuisine, I have my own favourites like Lo Spessite for it’s unique dishes of the region. Just let them feed you, don’t bother with a menu. Have to add that in spring 2017 I ate at candina di seppetise very near the statue of Sant’Aronzo, and I loved it, amazing food atmosphere and price, my friend brought me there and we ate 3 courses each, drank a litre of wine, downed 2 amaro del vecchio capo, and it cost 30 euro.

Bringing a girl on a date, Porto Nova is sophisticated. Osteria del Tempo Perso is Michelin Star. But, for me, I think Taverna della Gelosia, go there, eat anti pasta della casa, drink some wine, simple it may be, but tell me I’m wrong. If you want to eat fine food, you have a sacco di soldi, (bag of money), and are not very hungry, try la Sommita up near the cathedral at the summit of Ostuni, oh it’s posh, they serve nice bread with the meal, you’ll need it.

Il Posto Affinco, always bustling, but eat outside.

And Caffè Cavour, really mouthwatering authentic Ostunese food.. love that place

Years ago I loved La Reggia for its very friendly mood, the cavern type interior and mixed antipasti that were to die for… the mixed antipasti was about as much as you eat as well. Funny thing was it was never on the menu, I was unsure what to order one time, it was not high season and Peppe the owner and chef, made a taste of everything for me. Thing was I would ask the waiter for it every time I went, even when it was busy in August, and I was never disappointed. My favourite main there if I could manage it after the antipasti was the swordfish.. with as sauce of tomato olive and capers, fantastic. They moved back to their home town north of Ostuni, Torre Canne and called their restaurant Il Dubbio.

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Located in one of the most breathtaking parts of the centro storico, Spessite is decorated in a remarkable way that blends in with its surroundings sending you back in time to centuries gone by.
The food is very traditional to the locality with certain dishes and after dinner liquors unique to Spessite.
It is best not to ask for a menu and just give a general idea of what you would like. If you want to taste the local cuisine it is a very good place to go. A meal for 2 with plenty of wine and a digestivo after ( ask for the digestivo della casa, it is fantastic ).. would cost about €50

My brother went here and he asked me what was the best thing to eat.. I told them to ask their advice.. ” can you recommend ?” which is: può consigliarmi? so he wrote it down as: pw-oh con silly army ? and it worked out just fine

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La Reggia


This charming restaurant in the heart of Ostuni’s old town has amazing cave like structures as its indoor restaurant. There are tables outdoor where you can watch the activity on the main old street leading to the cathedral, but eating below street level in the natural caverns is a worthwhile experience.
The food is typically local, always offering a great range of fish or meat, but if you can get the antipasti misto (mixed antipasto) you are in for a real treat.
The warm friendly experience you get from owners and chefs Vale & Pepe adds to the enjoyment.

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